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What Is a Hiker Who Can’t Hike?

I’ve been asking myself this question a lot lately. See also: what is a climber who can’t climb? A teacher who gets migraines from overhead lighting? A writer who can’t string three words together some days? A few years ago, […]

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The Trips I Didn’t Take

I am subscribed to a dangerous email list. It’s called YVR Deals, and it sends out an email whenever a really cheap flight deal is happening out of any of the airports near Vancouver. Every time one of those emails […]

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A Hike is Just a Hike

If you’re like me (that is, if you’re nearly anyone who lives in a northern climate or a perpetually rainy one, or if you’re a teacher), you dragged your soggy, near-lifeless corpse over the threshold from spring into summer about […]