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Vantage, WA: Shoulder Season Climbing At Its Best

Thanksgiving weekend has traditionally been my last hurrah of the climbing season. Back when Vancouver had distinguishable seasons (shoulder season, ski season, climbing season), rather than the maybe-it’ll-snow-maybe-it’ll-be-20-degrees-and-sunny phenomenon of the past couple of winters, I would pack my tent […]


For the last couple of years, my outdoor climbing focus has been my headspace. Many years ago, when I first started leading, it was really scary. As I got better (or perhaps, as I upped my dosage of anti-depressant medication), […]

Trip Report: Skaha+

This (Canadian) Thanksgiving long weekend, I went on an awesome trip to Skaha with some awesome people. The end. Ha! Just kidding. And you thought this would be a quick read! Actually, this is my firt TR, so let me […]

Pain in the Finger

During a beautiful weekend of Skaha climbing over Thanksgiving, I began to notice a pain in the middle joint of my right index finger. Of course, I ignored it. But this week, I had to cut my gym session short […]