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Q & A: Is Your Gear Ethical?

It’s boxing week, which means you’re either avoiding the mall at all costs, or like me, you’ve had your head inside every discounted ski helmet your local shops have to offer. When I consider what gear to buy, I’m usually […]

Day 21: Costco

Adventures are harder to come by when it’s dark and raining and you can’t bend your left knee. So, I’ve been getting even more lax on my definition of adventure. Yesterday, I gave myself a mini-mani-pedi. Except I didn’t have […]

Day 17: Meditation

I’ve been meaning to try meditation for awhile -one of those “Eat, Pray, Love” inspired ideas. Growing up in the Bible-centric way that I did, I had, of course, meditated before, in the Biblical sense. That kind of meditation is […]