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Q & A: Is Your Gear Ethical?

It’s boxing week, which means you’re either avoiding the mall at all costs, or like me, you’ve had your head inside every discounted ski helmet your local shops have to offer. When I consider what gear to buy, I’m usually […]

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101: Learn to Climb

So. You want to be a climber. Maybe you’ve seen tiny flecks of human on the Chief on your drives through Squamish, or you’ve heard that lots of attractive people congregate at the crag, or the climbing gym (they do). […]

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Vantage, WA: Shoulder Season Climbing At Its Best

Thanksgiving weekend has traditionally been my last hurrah of the climbing season. Back when Vancouver had distinguishable seasons (shoulder season, ski season, climbing season), rather than the maybe-it’ll-snow-maybe-it’ll-be-20-degrees-and-sunny phenomenon of the past couple of winters, I would pack my tent […]

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The Slow Life

I am slow. It doesn’t matter if I’m writing an article or getting ready in the morning or ski touring -no matter how fit or focused I am, my pace rivals lichen growth, always. If I try really hard, I […]