Local Blove!

credit: http://ellnnarendrani.blogspot.ca

credit: http://ellnnarendrani.blogspot.ca


Some people call this “blog love”, but as we all know, it’s always better when two words can be made into one, funny-sounding word. So…Blove!

For the first edition of Blove, I’ve decided to go local. Staycation, anyone? (It’s word mashup day, btw.) These are a few blogs that I frequent that are either about local adventures or by local adventurers.

Outdoor Vancouver 

“We bring the latest news, events, trail guides and more to outdoor enthusiasts.”

And they do. There’s quite a lot of good information here, and new articles appear regularly.

Life in Magic Land

“Life is delicious, carpe diem!”

Maya and Gili get out a lot. They ski, they cycle tour, they travel, and then they write about it (with photos included) here. If you want some inspiration for your next trip, this is a great place to go.

Scenes From the Trail

“Photography, inspiration and trip reports for adventurers, explorers, and newbies.”

This is a great blog for photos. Robyn is one of those people who seems to be climbing in New Zealand one moment, and then skiing in the Kootenays the next. How DOES she do it?

(Do you have a local adventure blog that I don’t know about yet? Please post a link in the comments -I would love to check it out!)


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  1. Great idea for a post – and I’m flattered to be included in your list!