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NaBloPoMo November 2014

Let’s face it: November is pretty much the worst month. The days are still getting shorter,even though it’s hard to believe it could get any darker. Here in Vancouver, it rains pretty much all the time, making daylight kind of a moot point anyway. Everyone basically becomes a hermit until that sunny day in December when we either have decided we need to get all the Christmas stuff done, or there’s actually enough snow to finally go skiing.

I’ve tried various strategies for getting through November without becoming a pale, whimpering shell of my former self, but nothing has really stuck.

Last year, I thought I’d try NaNoWriMo, which is a really long, not-quite-acronym referring to that thing people do in November who can’t grow moustaches (and also, those who can -some people are really good at multi-tasking): write a novel.

Given my attention span, that didn’t happen. I wrote about 5,000 words, though, which was more than I have put down on one subject since my undergraduate forays into literary criticism…excepting maybe diary entries about my crush that won’t die, which I will probably burn one day in a fit of deep shame.

This year, I considered trying again, but I know I just don’t have that many words in me that are willing to come out in the space of a month. Instead, I’m doing something way more up my alley (and with an even more convoluted quasi-acronym name): NaBloPoMo. As someone who loves words, I hate this one. What matters, however, is not how the word sounds, but what it means.

For November, I’ll be writing a post every day. But WAIT! There’s more. In order to have something worthwhile to say every day, and also because I usually spend November hiding under my duvet with chocolate and old episodes of the Biggest Loser to keep me company, I’ve decided that I will also have an adventure every day. To help myself out, I am defining “adventure” very loosely as “pretty much anything that doesn’t involve my apartment”.

So, check back in often! Let’s get through November in one piece together.

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  1. This is the best use of NaBloPoMo I’ve seen yet! Who knows, you might even start a new trend, like NaAdBloPoMo, or NaBloPoMoAdvs, or BloWhAdvDaiAnPoAbIt (Bloggers Who Adventure Daily And Post About It – who says we can make up our own quasi-acronyms?). *grin*

    • Hahahaha!! I think BloWhAdvDaiAnPoAbIt it going to catch on like wild fire. The way it just flows off the tongue…