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I'm on the left. Looking Hawt.

I’m on the left. Looking Hawt.

Hi! My name is Kristin (sometimes, to make things awkward, I refer to myself as “The Girl”), and I love adventuring. This love is tempered by a level of athleticism that can only be described as “borderline average”, and the need to spend at least one day in the week worrying about chores and errands (actually doing them is another story). So I don’t always get away on the weekends as often as I’d like.

I started this blog for a couple of reasons:

First off, I needed something new in my life to monitor obsessively, and web analytics sure do the trick. As you read this page, you can be pretty sure I’m on the back end, celebrating another page view. (You matter to me!)

Secondly, I thought that having to write about my climbing, skiing, hiking or other adventures would motivate me to plan those adventures. It would be a pretty boring adventure blog without any actual adventures to talk about. Whether this has actually worked remains up for debate. (Point in case: last weekend. I think I spent most of it thinking about leaving my apartment, and then having a manic cooking session that resulted in enough meals for the whole week.)

Finally, I am a writer. At least, I like to call myself one, so I thought I should probably actually write stuff. I DO publish things elsewhere (see my other blog, below, for a portfolio), but I spend more time researching than writing for a lot of my magazine projects. This blog is a refreshing reversal -all writing, very little research.

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  1. Looking forward to your adventures.

  2. Kristin, I just came across your blog and love it! You are so honest and relatable. I’m enjoying reading about your life & thoughts and am looking forward to binge-reading all the rest of your posts!

  3. Hey ‘Girl’ — I’m a northern BC university researcher (studying parks)– I shared your love letter to BC Parks as a valentine’s day gift to all the BC parks staff in the north…..as a way to remind them (something that they often forget) that in spite of all the budget cuts and challenges…we really love BC parks. It was a hit. Thank you for writing such lovely, heartfelt (and fun) words.

    • Hi Pam -that’s awesome!! I’m so glad to hear the word is getting around: We DO love BC parks! A lot! And I’m so grateful to parks staff for all the work they do, despite trying circumstances.

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