And we’re back!

That’s what my gmail account says when my internet flakes out and then  magically returns, and I’m supposed to be thrilled that I can now re-engage in a g-chat (or “hangout” as they’re now so charmingly mis-named) that shouldn’t have been inturrepted in the first place, and was probably some sort of exchange of funny but otherwise pointless youtube links anyway.

Like my Shaw-provided wifi, I have been unaccountably absent for a little longer than I would like. But I’m back now, all high on belated New Year’s resolutions to be consistent and write regularly. What this hopefully means is that I won’t abandon you (oh 40 or so readers -how I cherish you!) for more than a week (ish), but that you might occasionally be exposed to something that sounds more like a begrudging high school essay than anything you might actually want to read. Feel free to disregard those posts. I apologize in advance (though I’m not, apparently, sorry enough to change my ways, so is it really an apology? Your call. I can’t be bothered to figure it out.)

I’ve been hard at work sussing out interesting things to do when there is literally nowhere to ski that doesn’t involve some combination of rocks, slush and crust. What I’ve discovered mostly involves meeting people from online and eating inordinate amounts of coffee shop food, so I’ve got some more work to do before sharing my insights with you. Maybe by then we’ll all be out enjoying some fresh powder (unlikely).

On that uplifting note, I’ll sign off for the day. I’m sorry there’s really nothing of value in this one for you! I promise to be more interesting (and less…whiny) next time.

Until then, happy coffee-shopping!