I don’t normally like to swear online, but it has been one colossal mindfuck of a week. I have had to take a step back from writing publicly because nothing I have been able to produce this week has been suitable for any eyes except mine. I’ve even been running texts through one or two trusted friends before sending them. It’s been crazy.

Since this is the last day of November, and therefore of my 30 days/adventures/posts challenge, I wanted to wrap things up a little bit. I didn’t quite make it with the daily posts, but I’m pretty sure I managed an adventure every day. I also stayed motivated almost all the way through the Worst Month of the Year. But this week got me.

Someday, I’ll explain what’s been going on -once I’ve had a bit more time to process it. I’ll just say that the week was off from the beginning, but that Friday was probably the worst day I’ve had in nearly ten years. I’m not exaggerating.

I’ve also been more thankful than usual for the incredibly supportive friends who have been so willing to just be with me, even if they’ve had to change their schedules around, and who never once complained. (example: Me: “Sorry for putting you out!” Anna: “Yeah, it really sucks that I have to come to this party early to hang out and eat snacks.” *sarcastic smirk*)

I am so well taken care of.

Anyway,┬álet me quickly recap the month. Normally, in November, I eat lots of chocolate and hang out on my couch. I know that last year, we made a couple of attempts to ski that were mostly met with rocks. But other than that, I didn’t do much at all. I think I took up online dating.

This year, I finally hiked the Lions, went on a surf trip to Tofino, took Hip Hop dance classes, tried orienteering and meditation for the first time (not at the same time), went on two Tinder climbing dates (with different people), performed at an open mic night, checked out another (way better) open mic night, explored some urban wilderness I’d never been to before, baked Christmas cookies with my lady relatives, strained my MCL (but still managed to do stuff), hung out with friends in Squamish, walked around Lynn Canyon in the snow, and said “yes” to way more stuff than I ever would have otherwise.

I have gotten faster (and less picky) about my posts. I have started to explore the blogging community outside of the people I know in real life, and I’ve found some pretty cool online places to spend time in (I’ll share some eventually).

I’ve learned that I can push myself farther than I thought, but that I still need to extend some of the compassion that I have for other people to myself sometimes. I’ve learned that there are so many cool things to do both in and out of the city that I’ve never done before, even though I’ve lived here for nearly 10 years. I’ve learned that being open to adventure makes adventures happen. I’ve learned that I can have adventures every day, and write about them every day, but I can’t do those things and also keep my house clean.

Between Friday and today, I’ve been reminded both of how strong I have been, and how fragile I really am. But that’s for another story.

It’s been a journey. Thanks for walking alongside. We’ll be back to our regularly scheduled weekly (ish) posts starting tomorrow.

Happy November’s end, everyone! We made it.