Day 6: Climbing with a Tinder Friend

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As a rule, I don’t climb with strangers I’ve met off a phone app. When all you know about a person has been gleaned from a highly curated maximum of 6 photos and those few texts ascertaining that this is a real person who swiped you right on purpose, suddenly trusting them with your life seems a bit too committal. For some reason, today, I made an exception.

I had assured myself that my new climbing buddy did indeed know how to belay by asking him. His stated track record of only one fatality was sound enough for me. So we met in the bouldering area, where he (like all men I have ever climbed with, ever) gave me some beta on the mega-challenging V1 I was working (actually, he was pretty encouraging, and I got it in the end, so it was a good start).

After determining that neither of us was off our rocker, we proceeded to the roped area, where I climbed about two good routes before my arms wore out from all the previous bouldering.

We covered the “who are you” conversational bases between climbs and even had a philosophical disagreement about whether or not “society” is trying to keep us in our 40-hours-or-more-a-week places, and I never once felt unsafe about his belay.

I haven’t met a future boyfriend, but it’s nice to have another climbing partner. So it was another adventure that was less exciting than it could have been, but still worthwhile.

If you have to go on a date, it might as well be to the climbing gym!

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  1. It sounds like a date at a climbing gym would probably be a pretty safe bet! Sounds like you had a good time, even though it wasn’t exactly exciting. – Fawn

  2. Nice! Definitely could have turned out a lot worse! I went on a hiking date from an online dating site one time (because going off into the woods alone with a stranger you met on the internet is totally safe) and we came across a guy proposing to his girlfriend. A little awkward. But these things make for good stories at least! 😉