Two Years: Some Nostalgic Philosophizing

Two years ago, Chris Hadfield gave his now-famous space performance, making being an astronaut even cooler. An 80-year-old man named Yuichiro Miura became the oldest person to climb Mount Everest.  Killian Jornet ran up the Matterhorn, crushing the previous speed record by over 20 minutes. And I gave birth to a blog. (Is the birth metaphor awkward? It feels awkward. Sorry.)

It’s hard to believe two whole years have gone by since I sat in a quiet corner of my local library and typed out the first post for Girl In The World. The goal then was to do fun stuff, then write about it. Everything in my life had changed, and I needed something to tether me to reality -something consistent. Thus, The Girl was born, and much like an actual baby, she has been a joy and a constant worry ever since.

Looking back over two years’ worth of blog posts is a discomfiting experience. Sometimes I look at this baby and it’s like staring in the mirror. Sometimes, I hardly recognize her. She definitely embarrasses me sometimes, but she makes me proud sometimes too. What I have here are snippets and shards of my life, but they’ve been chosen and edited for public consumption. They are highlights and lowlights, but by no means are they the full head of hair (another awkward one -not sorry this time). This blog is an interesting blend of things-that-actually-happened and things-you-might-actually-want-to-read. Finding a balance between the two actuallies is not always easy.

Now, as The Girl enters her third year, I’m getting to work on a third actually: visibility. I want my baby to stand out from the noise, somehow. And the internet is full of noise. The goal is to do this, largely, by writing stuff that people find valuable (people who aren’t my mom -love you mom!). As I do this, the snippets I choose to share might change a little bit. I hope you’ll  find them at least as worthwhile to read as before -I hope you’ll find them more so. Our babies just don’t stop growing.

Here’s to another year of evolution!


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  1. (I say all this having only discovered your blog last month, but…)
    we are 100% behind you! Change things as you like; we trust your vision!